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Your grades are the foundation of your medical/dental school application.

Without the necessary grades, universities won’t even consider your application! Our weekly live classes are the best way to ensure you stay on top of your game, improve exam technique and develop the habits of an elite tier student.

GCSEAS LevelA2 Level

Make sure you’re the most informed applicant, and making the right decision!

Our work experience programmes are world-renowned for the comprehensive insight we provide to our students, with leading doctors, dentists, and allied healthcare professionals giving you the best possible introduction to the life-long journey you’re about to embark on!

Pre Application

Set the tone for your application in the best way possible!

The personal statement is an underestimated aspect of the applications process, with many applicants falling into the trap of neglecting. However – the smart applicant knows that it sets the tone for the rest of your application, and at Medology we equip you with the skills you need to craft a masterpiece.

Personal Statement

The dreaded admissions tests… the most difficult parts of the process!

When the time comes to shortlist for interviews, nothing else really matters in the eyes of admissions tutors more than UCAT/BMAT. This is the crucial turning point of your application, so why wouldn’t you want to avail the support we have to offer at Medology? With our unique frameworks and algorithms, we give you the tools you need to secure those top percentiles!


The final frontier. The only thing stopping you from securing that offer from your dream medical/dental school.

You’ve done loads of work experience, volunteering, smashed your mock exams, done really well in the UCAT/BMAT – and you’ve got the interview now. Everything rests upon this. Everything you’ve ever done for this applications process has shaped you for this moment. It’s all under the microscope. At Medology, we’ve pioneered a robust process that prepares you for anything that the interviewers throw at you!


Congratulations! You’ve secured your offers from medical/dental school and you’re now a proud member of the Medology Alumni!