The Medology Journey

Medology is an experience. We take you on a ride from the start
right until the end of the process!

GCSE & A-Level

These are the foundation of your medical/dental school application! Don’t neglect them and shoot yourself in the foot…

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Before you even apply to medical/dental school, you’ve got to make sure you know what you’re getting into, and have the right experiences under your belt!

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Personal Statement

The personal statement is the first thing that the universities will see from you! Let us help you write something that will win them over.

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UCAT season can be incredibly stressful. But with Medology’s support, it doesn’t need to be! We give you the tips, tricks, techniques and mindsets to flourish.

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No one likes admissions tests, and the BMAT is no exception to this! But once again, we make the ride as smooth as it can possibly be for you.

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Interviews are like the final boss in this entire application journey. You wouldn’t want everything to go to waste would you? Let us take you through them!

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