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The Art of Confidence

After understanding that communication really isn’t that hard to master… hopefully you’re feeling a lot better! But that doesn’t take away from the fact that you’ve probably never done a medical/dental interview before, and so, nerves are INEVITABLE! Nerves are normal! Nerves are natural! But take it from us. Many a student has gone through the process, developing skills, improving their confidence, maturity and so much more…and you can too :) Just get to the end of this guide, and then tell us how you feel 😎

Why Am I Nervous? 😟

There’s obviously loads of reasons. The pressure, the insecurity that you’re not a good speaker, the lack of experience, nerves again, and obviously… comparing yourself with others!

But all of these things can be overridden and removed by adopting 1 mindset. The Performance Mindset™.

  • Performance Mindset™ occurs when your mind automatically produces thoughts and emotions that are productive. This creates a good life experience.

You need to unlock this for your interviews… but how? We’re going to take you through the stages of interview practise, analysing the mindset, thoughts and feelings as we go. Let’s begin!

Negative Thoughts 😭

When you begin interview prep… you don’t know what to expect. You’ll probably overestimate the amount of work required, not know where to start, and ultimately, lose control of your emotions. What will happen then, is you’ll experience random negative thoughts.

  • Every time interviews are mentioned —> stress.
  • Every time you hear someone else answer a question —> insecure.
  • Every time you decide to start practising —> you feel like you’re in the dark, so you procrastinate.
  • Every day that gets closer to the interview day – more nerves.

The net effect of this all is that you’ll feel uncomfortable and lack confidence! The solution? Get help from the right people! Contact us, ask us anything you need, do your research and immerse yourself in the world of interviews rather than staying in the dark.

Now, imagine you start to get to know your stuff. You’re now half way through the interview season and the negative thoughts are slowly going away… but you still don’t feel excited, energetic or raring to go… let’s deal with this.

The State Of Flow 🌊

The performance mindset comes from being in a state of flow…

  • In positive psychology, a flow state is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

To achieve the flow state, you need to acquaint yourself with the interview process so much, that it becomes second nature. You need to become so immersed into the practise and the med/dent interview ‘culture’, that every time you answer a question, it makes you feel happy, and therefore at ease. Every time you gain some knowledge, you feel reinforced, and are pushed to do even more. There are different ways, however, to achieve the flow state:

  • Do LOADS of interview questions, and SPEAK/PRACTISE a lot with fellow peers. Communication, speaking and performing will become your second nature!
  • Have a BROAD understanding of medical knowledge, rather than an in-depth understanding of a few… this will give you the feeling of: “at least I know something about everything!”
  • Continually surround yourself with people who KNOW the tricks of the trade. Whether it’s us, other medical/dental students… or your teachers.
  • Surround yourself with people on the same journey! It will fill your life with the right type of energy, as opposed to going through this process alone. Don’t underestimate how much knowledge and how many skills you can gain passively just by surrounding yourself with certain people.

Ok so now, we’re going to leave you with a small flowchart. Let it sink in 💪🏽

More questions / situations that require you to communicate —> better communication —> better performances —> more confidence —> motivated to work even more, because you enjoy it and you see the fruits 🌟

It’s a positive feedback loop. Little and often will do the trick. Start early, around about September… and you’ll slowly feel everything fall into place. By the end of it all, nerves will die!

The Interview Itself! 🎤

Okay, so it’s nearly the day of your interview, and you’re feeling great about practice… motivated, confident and raring to go. You love interviews, you have dealt with your weaknesses and problems, and you’re even helping your peers, that’s how confident you are!

Well…What now?


You’ve entered the Performance Mindset™. Slowly but surely, you’ve gone from somebody with no idea what interviews are and where to start… to somebody who, though flawed (nobody’s perfect lol), is confident. Somebody who is raring to go. Your energy matches your goals, and so your random thoughts match your desired outcome. You’ve clearly been improving your confidence over the course of this journey. You’ll enter the interview and it’ll feel like second nature. There shouldn’t be ANYTHING that trips you up, because you have a holistic understanding of everything, even though you’re not some crazy expert!

What have we learnt? 🤔

We’ve hopefully been able to show you that success isn’t depicted by natural ability, the level of knowledge you have, the time you spend, or even the resources you have access to. Success, in anything, is depicted by how comfortable you feel on the stage.

  • Only through practising, and making mistakes, can singers “feel at ease” on the big stage.
  • Experience is what allows doctors/dentists to stay cool under pressure, despite the heavy pressures they face!
  • Sportsmen don’t gain anything from watching videos all day, if they don’t experience the emotions of the sport, whether that be winning, losing or training.

And last but not least, interviewees aren’t born confident. Confidence is manufactured, developed and is a by product of the work you put in. So DM us, email us, use the live chat… do anything!

But please, use us.

Because sometimes you need someone to cultivate that inner performer inside of you.

Sometimes it’s late at night, and you’re feeling the nerves.

And that’s why, Medology is here from start to finish, always ❤️