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Last Updated: 25 February 2022

1. The Images

The images in this guide are not intended to represent each of the universities mentioned.

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Lancaster – Ian Taylor, Leicester – Matt Fascione, Leeds – Tim Green, Lincoln – Ian Carrington, Liverpool –, Manchester – David Dixon, NCL – Stephen McKay, Norwich – N Chadwick, Nottingham – Peter Shone, Oxford – Public Domain, Plymouth – Graham Richardson, Belfast – William Murphy, Sheffield – Lee Haywood, Southampton – David Martin, St Andrews – Jim Bain, SGUL – Peter Trimming, Sunderland – Geordie Lee, UCL – Nikolai Karaneschev, UCLAN – Adam Fagen, Aberdeen – Devinburg, Anglia Ruskin – Mohammed Tawsif Salam, Aston University – Cristophe Finot, QMUL – Ewan Munro, Birmingham – Stephen Boisvert, BSMS – Hassocks5489, Bristol – Linda Bailey, Cambridge – llee_wu, Cardiff – Jeremy Segrott, Dundee – Ydam, Edinburgh – LWYang, Edge Hill – Alex McGregor, Exeter – Piazza, Glasgow – Michael D Beckwith, HYMS – N Chadwick, Imperial – Robin Webster, Keele – James Humphreys, Kent – N Chadwick, KCL – KioCharlieLima.

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2. The Information

The information within this guide is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot guarantee that it is error free to due to other factors.

All information regarding application assessments, interviews, academics and personal statements is taken from university websites/admissions policy documents and is correct at the time of publishing

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