University of Oxford

Application Assessment

What happens?

The University of Aberdeen assesses your application holistically, taking 3 factors into account before giving you the offer.

  • Academic attainment/predictions (30%)
  • UCAT (20%) – SJT is not scored.
  • Subsequent interview performance (50%)

Offers will be made to those who achieve the highest total scores.

The Statistics

applications made

interviews given

chances of success post-interview

offers awarded

The Interview

How does it work?

The interview is in a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format that lasts approximately 1 hour for each candidate. You may be asked to…

  • Discuss your preparation for entry into Medicine
  • Consider a new situation and discuss your thoughts or suggest solutions
  • Outline learning points from previous experiences
  • Reflect upon your skills and abilities.

The Personal Statement

How does it work?

All personal statements will be reviewed prior to interview invites being sent out. If you are invited to interview, your personal statement will be assessed during it. The university recommends your personal statement covers your commitment to medicine, knowledge of core qualities of a doctor and teamwork.

The Exams

How does it work?

You must achieve/be predicted to achieve AAA in three A Levels taken in the first sitting over a 2 year study period. Chemistry, along with one subject from Biology/Maths/Physics is required.

At GCSE, you need Grade 6 passes in English Language and Maths


Year Scores
2021 2370 was the lowest score considered for Scottish/EU students, with 2650 for