At Medology, no one
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Committed to accessibility. Always.

No one has ever missed out on the value we have
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Our commitment to widening access to Medicine/Dentistry is unmatched. We ensure
every student can get the most out of Medology, no matter what.

What widening access

Cost isn’t a

We never want cost to be a barrier to getting the most out of your Medology journey. We have extensive discounts for all of our widening access members. With Medology, you’re in safe hands.

No questions

Our bursary scheme is no-nonsense and designed to be as simple and accessible as possible! Just get in touch with an explanation of your circumstances, and we’ll sort the rest out. No questions asked.

Never feel

No task is too difficult at Medology! Request whatever you wish, speak whatever is on your mind and one of our friendly team will try their best to help!

Am I eligible?

If you think you meet any of these criteria, you might be eligible for a Medology widening access discount, a substantial bursary across the range of our products and services. What’s not to like?

Free school meals

A letter from your school/college, or local council confirming that you are eligible to/or receive free school meals.

16-19 bursary
or EMA

An official award letter for this academic year.

Working or
Tax Credit

If you or a family member are in receipt of Tax Credits, then you can provide a letter dated from 2020/21 or 2021/22. You must be named on the award.

Income support

If you receive this, then you can provide a letter from the UK Job Centre Plus, dated in 2021.

Universal credit

If you or your parent/guardians receive Universal Credit, then you can provide a recent statement. There is an example of this on the UCAT website:

Asylum support

If you or a parent/guardian receives this support, you can provide a 2021-dated letter.

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