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18 Sept 2021

Another amazingly informative, yet entertaining, course run by the friendliest lot, Medology. Literally, across the 2 days, I managed to not only get a better understanding of how to approach each BMAT question type, but I also left feeling a lot more confident in my own capabilities! Talking about mindset and its importance really stuck with me even weeks after attending the course. They never fail to make an impact whether it be about the...

Rand Farhan

13 Sept 2021

No words once again! the course was a game-changer and flipped my perspective of BMAT completely! you went through each section in detail and gave the best tips and strategies to approach each section. It was exactly what I needed, and suddenly BMAT doesn't look too hard to handle!

Mariam Abdali

15 Sept 2021

1000000/5 stars
Medology are THE BEST med/dent applications support company out there - they really DO do things differently. Their courses and resources are TOP NOTCH and they are ALWAYS available on DMs. It’s mad - trust me they reply faster than some of your friends. I’ve only known them for so long but I’m so glad I came across them Alhamd. You guys are really going to be rewarded for the work you do!


12 Sept 2021

This company has helped me so much during this stressful application process. I am very grateful to have them help me throughout this process because they are available 24/7 (literally) to help you and answer your questions to the best of their ability. And if they don't have...

Huda Kiani

12 Sept 2021

The Bmat crash course is the only course you will need to get you started with the bmat past papers. They go through all the sections in detail and including each question type with an example question is just a bonus. Would strongly recommend attending the course, you wont regret it.


12 Sept 2021

Wow, wow and wow! It was amazing. I started the weekend feeling very anxious and left the course feeling SO MOTIVATED. Medology went over every single point. Covered it in excellent detail - Thank you so much!

Hiba Zahid

12 Sept 2021

Just attended their 2 day BMAT course to decide whether I should do the BMAT or not. This has been one of the best courses I have done. Filled with tons of helpful tips and very entertaining XD. Would recommend 10/10.

Emily Parkinson

12 Sept 2021

The bmat course was so informative! i feel properly prepared to start my revision now

Krishna Konda

12 Sept 2021

Such a classssss course, learnt so much and now feel like to smash BMAT preparation. Lessss goooo, Next Up Interview Season,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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